Your Star on a Didicar

didicar's New Seasonal Time Trial Challenge

raceDidicar's "Star on a Didicar" is our brand new seasonal competition to find the quickest person on a didicar.  (It bears no relation to Top Gear's "Star in a reasonably priced car." Honest.)

Each season throughout the year (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) we will be awarding a 'didicar trophy' to each of the fastest riders in the three age categories. The categories are '7yrs & Under', 8yrs - 12yrs old' and 'Teenagers & Adults'.

The current season challenge will be Winter 2015, starting on 1st January 2015 running until 31st March 2015. We may even give out a grand prize at the end of the competition!

We want you all to get involved, tell your friends and family and get them all on your didicars. Then send us the evidence and try to get to the top of the leaderboard...

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Each seasonal category winner will receive a coveted didicar trophy and £40 voucher to spend on the didicar site.





How it works:

1. On a FLAT piece of ground you need to set out a straight line of 5 metres in length. NO HILLS ALLOWED!!
2. From a standing start, power the didicar using the unique self propelled motion, NO FEET ON THE GROUND :-)
3. Make it as quickly as you can over the five metres
4. Your time trial must be timed and videoed, timing starts as the front of the didicar crosses the start and finish line
5. To enter your time:
a. Send the video to us either by email or via Facebook
b. email to : didicartimetrial@didicar.co.uk
c. Post on our timeline on Facebook
6.You can enter as many times as you like but only your fastest time within each season will be counted.
7.Full terms and conditions can be seen here.

At the end of each season, we will award the trophies for the fastest riders in each category. Live updates showing the current leaders and their times will be shown throughout the season on this page in the tables below.




Star on a didicar leaderboards:

7's and Under
Name Time Link to video
Maybe you 12 secs
Second Place 00.00 secs http://
Third Place 00.00 secs http://

8yrs - 12yrs
Name Time Link to video
Who? 8 secs
Second Place 00.00 secs http://
Third Place 00.00 secs http://

Teenagers and Adults
Name Time Link to video
HEJ 8.68 sec https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152804333542728
Second Place 00.00 secs Link
Third place 00.00 secs Link