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Frequently Asked Questions


What ages are didicar suitable for?

Didicar is suitable for children over 30 months to 30 years and up. The didicar can take up to 100kg (or 220lbs) allowing children and parents to have fun together. Please note that adult assembly is required.

What surfaces does it work on?

Didicar works best when used on hard, smooth, flat surfaces indoors or outside including concrete, tarmac or paved paths and other open areas.

Didicar is ideal for use in a play area in the home, in the garden or driveway or at a recreation centre, village hall, community centre or school, where many can meet to enjoy driving.

Please note: didicar will work on many different internal surfaces however if the didicar is used on certain wooden or laminate floorings small grooves may be made by the back wheels on the floor surface. If you have any doubt please try the didicar first on an area out of sight to ensure no untoward effects from the wheels occur on your flooring.

The front two little wheels do not touch the ground is this correct?

When assembled correctly the two little front wheels should not touch the ground. These two little front wheels are designed as a safety device to stop the didicar tipping forward when being ridden.

How does it work?

Didicar is a triumph of fun over physics. It is purely Kid powered. Sitting on the didicar all that is required to get moving is to move the steering wheel from left to right and she moves forward. Flip the wheel 180° and didicar goes backwards.

The two driving wheels find pushing power against one another and as the wheel is turned they drive each other forward (or backward).
Didicar is simple to operate and requires no batteries, there are no pedals, motors or other fuels and no greasy chains or complicated gears. Just add children.

Do I need to service my didicar or didicar Walk 'n Ride?

didicar is made from high-quality Polypropylene Plastics and Stainless Steel metal components and doesn't need any special servicing or maintenance. Cleaning with a damp cloth may be all you need.

However, we all know accidents do happen and didicar has full spares and support back up for you and your didicar. If you have an assembly, technical or spare parts question please contact us on the following email address [email protected] or call on 0344 571 8206.

Can I get spare parts for my didicar or didicar Walk 'n Ride?

didicar is fully supported with complete spares back up. The only thing we don't have are complete didicar bodies everything else is available.

What colours do didicars come in?

Didicars are available in six colours; Fiery Red, Cool Blue, Princess Pink, Plum Purple, Apple Green and Brilliant Yellow. View the full range of didicars.