Everything You Need To Know About Didicar Ride On Toys

Didicar ride on toys offer a fun way for kids to get active and spend time in the great outdoors! If you’re considering treating your mini driver to a Didicar of their own, you might have some questions before taking the plunge, so we’ve put together a quick Didicar guide to help with your decision-making.

Didicars: Your Questions Answered

Find out how Didicars work, how to assemble them, their size suitability, the ideal Didicar age range, and how they perform on different surfaces.

How do Didicars work?

Didicar is a ride on toy that’s 100% kid-powered! Unique in their design, they operate without the need for batteries, pedals, or gears. Instead, these clever little wiggle cars propel forward when the steering wheel is turned left and right. The friction between the wheels and the ground, combined with the wiggling steering motion, generates the power needed to move the Didicar. 

How to put a Didicar together?

The Didicar ride on is super easy to assemble (a bonus for parents!). Every Didicar order comes with a set of simple instructions, but for now, you can watch this step-by-step video to give you an idea of what they entail. 

What size is a Didicar?

Didicar ride on cars are sized to ensure a comfortable ride while being compact enough for indoor use and easy storage

Didicar size & weight:

  • Length: 79cm (31 inches)
  • Width: 30cm (12 inches)
  • Height: 42cm (16.5 inches)
  • Weight: 3.8kg

What age is a Didicar for?

The clue’s in the name - a didi car for your didi driver! Didicars are suitable for children aged 3+ years. The robust construction and weight capacity of up to 120kg allows for a wide age range to ride, so older kids and grown-ups can even have a go!

Do Didicars work on carpet?

Didicars can drive on carpet, though the experience may differ slightly compared to hard floors. On hard, smooth surfaces like wood, tile, or concrete, your ride on car will glide effortlessly, providing a seamless ride! On carpet, the friction will be higher, which may slow down your Didicar slightly.

Find Out More

We hope this guide has answered all your questions and helped you feel confident in making your decision! However, if there’s anything else you’d like to know, you can check out our comprehensive FAQs section to discover more. 

Happy riding!

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