Ride On Toys: New Skills For The New Year

Ride into the new year with Didicar! After the chaos of the Christmas season, January brings with it a slower pace of life, which opens up opportunities for little learners to grow and develop. And ride on toys are a spectacular way to start…

7 Benefits of Ride On Toys

Beyond pure entertainment, kids ride on toys serve as super-fun tools for picking up and mastering new skills. Here are some amazing benefits that ride on cars, trikes and scooters offer mini motorists. 

Children with their Didicar ride on toys

1. Motor Skills 

The intuitive design of Didicar ride ons nurtures the development of children’s gross motor skills, as they learn how to steer and manoeuvre their little vehicle. Your kids ride on will also help to strengthen their muscles and improve their hand-eye coordination, laying a solid foundation for their overall physical growth and development. 

2. Balance & Coordination

Learning to balance is a big milestone for babies and toddlers, and our kids trike provides the perfect platform for picking up this skill. The three wheels give youngsters the support and stability they need to propel themselves forward while they’re still honing their balance, and the small size makes it easy for tiny tots to hop on and push off. 

 Child riding Diditrike Ladybird style

3. Cognitive Development

As well as physical development, toddler ride on toys also help to nourish children’s cognitive thinking and problem-solving skills. The process of steering, navigating obstacles and making decisions while zooming about teaches kids how to anticipate movements, understand cause-and-effect relationships and make quick decisions on the go. 

4. Social Interaction

Setting the scene for collaborative play, kids ride on cars drive social interaction through friendly races, outdoor exploration and playing make-believe. This carves out space for children to learn how to share, take turns and communicate ideas with others, fostering enhanced interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence

Children racing on their Didicar ride on cars

5. Independence & Confidence 

Empowering kids to navigate the world on wheels, Didicar ride ons give children a sense of freedom and independence. As they learn how to control the direction and speed of their ride on toy car, trike or scooter, they will be building confidence in their abilities to tackle different tasks. This newfound confidence and self-esteem will extend beyond playtime and positively impact lots of other aspects of their everyday lives. 

6. Screen-Free Fun 

In an era dominated by screens, ride on toys encourage kids to switch off and tune in to active, unplugged play. Mindful activities like this give young minds a refreshing break from the pull of their digital devices, while improving their attention spans, creativity, social skills and sleeping habits.  

Boy riding Pink Didiscoot ride on

7. Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is fantastic for children’s mental and physical health, so don’t let the frosty January weather put you off. Your kiddo will soon warm up once they’re whizzing about on their ride on car, trike or scooter! Ride on toys are marvellous motivators for getting kids outside, breathing in the fresh air and burning off some energy. 

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