How Do You Ride A Didicar?

Didicar is a ride on toy with no pedals, batteries or chains, so you may be wondering how you can actually ride one.

What are Didicars?


If you’re new to the Didicar ride on craze, Didicars are self-propelled four-wheeled ride on toys made out of polypropylene. Didicars can even reach top speeds of up to 6 mph on smooth, flat surfaces. 

How Do You Ride A Didicar? 

A Didicar is essentially a self-propelled wiggle car - all it takes is a bit of wiggling on the steering wheel. To get it going, riders have to rest their feet on the front foot plates and move the steering wheel from left to right to start moving forwards. To go backwards, simply flip the steering wheel. Easy-peasy, with no complicated gears, motors, pedals or batteries needed!

Once you’ve mastered the knack of Didicar driving, challenge your friends and family to a race. With a weight limit of 120 kg, it is suitable for most adults to ride. Choose from eight exciting colours so you stand out from the crowd! Who will be the winner?

What Age Is A Didicar For?

Didicars are suitable for kids aged 3 years and above. They can also be ridden by adults, as they have a maximum weight limit of 120 kg (18 stone). 

The Science Behind Didicar Wiggle Cars

Didicar race

Whilst a Didicar looks like a four-wheeled ride on car, it actually has six wheels - two at the back and four in the front. But, only the rear two wheels and two front drive wheels actually touch the floor. 

The smaller two wheels at the front are safety wheels that never touch the floor; they help keep the Didicar stable and secure in case a child leans forward. The bigger front drive wheels are connected to the steering wheel through a steering column and move the ride on toy. 

The wheels are made from sturdy polypropylene and things like the roller bearings and other metal parts are made from stainless steel. 

What Surfaces Does Didicar Work On?

Didicar works best when used on hard, smooth and flat surfaces, either indoors or outdoors - such as concrete, tarmac or paved paths. Please note that if Didicar is used on certain wooden or laminate flooring, the wheels may mark the floor. Make sure to test before driving!

Beware Of Imitations

Our Didicar products are manufactured and safety tested to the highest standards. Only genuine Didicars have the CE safety mark and new UKCA mark on the packaging. To ensure you are receiving the real Didicar, you can shop our full collection here on our official website. To find out more, check out our Didicar authenticity guide.

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