An Easter Egg Hunt With A Wheely Fun Twist

Easter egg hunts are a favourite springtime tradition that has been loved by littlens ever since the idea was hatched back in the 16th Century. As a child, even Queen Victoria got involved, writing in her diary ‘Mama did some pretty painted and ornamented eggs and we looked for them’ in 1833. 

In the 20th Century, chocolate brands like Cadbury’s ran with the idea and the tradition evolved into a chocolate egg hunt. Now, this centuries-old activity is enjoyed by millions of children all over the world.

Red and yellow Didicars

But if you want to shake things up this year and are looking for ways to make your Easter egg hunt more fun, hop in! We have an egg-straordinary idea that’ll drive your kids crackers…

How To Throw An Alternative Easter Egg Hunt

Instead of doing an Easter egg hunt on two legs, do it on three wheels! Here’s everything you need to know about throwing a wheely cool Easter egg hunt in a ride on cartoddler trike or kids scooter.

1. Pick A Location

Find somewhere that’s big enough for your kids to whizz about in, but not so big that seeking out the eggs will be an impossible task. A local park is a good idea and will have lots of little hidey-holes for disguising sweet treats, or look for a woodland walk with well-paved trails so they can zoom from tree to tree in search of the goodies.

Girl riding Didicar through woodland

2. Stock Up On Eggs Or Make Your Own

If you’re short on time, bagging some shop-bought foil-wrapped eggs will work perfectly well, or if you fancy it, get creative and make your own. You could rustle up some Easter Chocolate Bark and wrap it in cellophane parcels, or get yourself a bunch of plastic eggs and fill them with whatever you like, from Pick n Mix to chocolate coins! 

3. Jazz Up Your Ride On

Revamp your tot’s ride on toy car, trike or scooter to give it an Easter-themed makeover for the occasion. Wrap some pretty pastel-coloured ribbon to the handlebars of their Diditrike, string some daffodils around their Didiscoot, or tie a few fluffy yellow chicks to the steering wheel of their Didicar. And don’t forget to snap some pictures before they speed off! 

Girl riding scooter

4. Get A Backpack Ready

Your mini motorists will need both hands to safely steer the wheel of their ride on car, trike or scooter, so an Easter basket isn’t really practical. Instead, opt for a hands-free backpack, or better yet, a children’s bum bag - that way, they’ll have an easy place to stash their chocolate eggs as they go. 

5. Hide The Eggs

For young ones, the joy is in the discovery, not so much the hunt, so don’t make it too challenging otherwise you’ll risk them losing interest. Look for places at their eye level or lower, like a small bush, branch or in the grass. And, as they’ll be in the driving seat of their toy car, trike or scooter, you’ll want to space out the eggs enough for them to be able to race between hiding spots without having to hop on and off too often.

TOP TIP: Create a list of where you have hidden each egg, that way you can tick the places off as each egg is found.

Boy riding toddler trike

And that’s all there is to it! ‘Ears to a cracking Easter…

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