Ride On Toys Road Tested By Toddlers

When on the lookout for toys and playthings for our littlens, we often rely on the reviews of mums and dads. But what about the kids? What do they think? What’s their feedback? We wanted to find out what your dinky Didicar drivers really think of our ride on toys, so we asked them to do their own road tests! 

Girl riding her Yellow Didicar

Are Ride On Toys Worth It?

According to our toddler test drives, that’s an easy yes! Ride on cars and kids trikes strengthen children’s mobility, balance and coordination, they promote independence, boost confidence, encourage physical exercise and support kids’ social development. What’s more, they’re fun! But don’t just take our word for it, see what our pocket-sized customers had to say…

Word On The Street


Powered by kids, Didicar is a battery-free ride on toy car for children aged three and above. It might be lightweight, but its durable design can endure weights of up to 120kg (that means us grown-ups can have a go, too!). Available in nine different colours, the Didicar is super easy to manoeuvre, with no pedals, batteries or chains complicating things for your miniature motorist.  


Boy riding his Grey Didicar

The Chaus family are parenting and travel influencers with an Instagram following of 26.4k. They are mummy and daddy to two little boys known as Mr J and Mr C on their social channels. Their youngest, Mr C, has tested out his Didicar for us and shared some very valuable feedback… 

“It goes so fast! I love it. It's so funny!”

(And Mum agrees): “Yes, I have tested it out myself and it's epic!”


Girl riding her Red Didicar

Digital creator Anouska and mum of two girls, Elsie and Betsy, is a photographer and parenting influencer with 12.3k Instagram followers.

After a speedy ride on her racing-red Didicar, Anouska’s littlest Betsy said: “I love it, it’s so much fun!” 


If you’re on the lookout for a baby trike, the Diditrike is perfect for the tiny tot in your family. Made for one-year-olds and above, this unique childrens trike comes in four charming animal designs, including a giraffe, zebra, ladybird and crocodile. The three wheels give youngsters the stability they need to whizz about and the soft handlebar is ideal for small hands to grip. 

While our Diditrike drivers don’t yet have enough words in their vocabulary to articulate their critiques just yet, we have gathered the responses of their parents who have shared their toddler’s reactions.

Didicar customer Jessica, and mum of 19-month-old Marley, said: “The moment he saw it, his eyes lit up and he started nodding his head in excitement. Marley is a bit behind on his gross motor skills, so I had to help him climb onto his Diditike but once he was seated, he was off, pushing himself along and squealing as he went!” 

Boy riding his Giraffe Diditrike

Jenson’s mama and parenting influencer @homeandababy says: “Jenson’s been zooming around the house! Not only does he look super cute, but it’s also allowing him to improve on his stability.”

Tell Us What Your Tots Think

We’d love to hear from your mini drivers and tiny trike riders, so let us know what they think about their Didicar ride in the comments below!

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