Ride On Toys: Big Gifts For Little People

The holidays are coming (just 28 sleeps to go)! For kids, Christmas is an especially enchanting season full of family festivities and the promise of special gifts from Santa. If you need inspiration for your little sprout’s Christmas present, we have just the thing. Their first set of wheels! 

Didicar: The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Imagine the look on your kiddo’s face on Christmas morning as they rip open the wrapping paper to reveal a dazzling new Didicar, trike or scooter! Here, we explore why riding toys consistently top kids’ Christmas lists year after year. 

Little boy riding Grey Didicar Christmas gift

Independence & Empowerment

Ride on cars, trikes and scooters give tots their very first taste of freedom! As they take control of their own mini vehicle, they can make decisions about which direction they’d like to go in and how they’d like to drive it. This sense of independence empowers kids as they slip into the driver’s seat and speed off into the sunset (or your garden!).

Imaginative Play

Kids ride on toys serve as the perfect canvas for make-believe play. They could step into the shoes of a race car driver zooming to the finish line, a park ranger taking wildlife-seekers on safari, or a police officer chasing down the bad guys! Children love to play pretend and it does wonders for their creativity, vocabulary and social development

Outdoor Discovery

Ideal for outdoor adventures, kids ride on cars encourage youngsters to spend time in the fresh air, listening to the sounds of nature, and enjoying the freedom to roam. Beyond the fun factor, playing outside is also scientifically proven to benefit children’s mental and physical health

Girl riding Diditrike Giraffe Christmas present

Gross Motor Skills

Our toy rides are 100% kid-powered, providing a ton of fun for little feet!  Steering and using their tiny toes to propel the vehicle along is a joyful way to enhance their muscle development, balance and coordination

Social Interaction

Going head-to-head in a race or taking turns to cruise around in their kiddie ride on gives children shared experiences with other littlens, helping them to form lasting friendships and develop their social and emotional intelligence.  

Which Ride On Is Right For Your Child?

Ride on toys have a unique way of boosting children’s confidence, independence, imagination, physical development and social skills. But which one is right for your mini motorist? We take a closer look at our ride on car, toddler trike and 3 wheel scooter to help you decide

Diditrike: Trike For 1 Year Old

Toddler riding Zebra Diditrike Christmas gift

The ultimate kids trike for tiny ones, our Diditrike will help to fuel your toddler’s gross motor development. The three wheels give wobbly tots more support and stability as they push themselves forward, and the comfy, easy-to-grip handlebar is the perfect height for youngsters.

Diditrike’s durable and lightweight design makes it easier for kids to whizz along and more comfortable for you to carry around if your littlens like to hop on and off. It’s also a stealthy way to sneak in some physical exercise and improve your child’s spatial awareness, balance and coordination. Available in 4 animal-inspired styles: Giraffe, Zebra, Crocodile and Ladybird. Use indoors or outdoors. Ideal for 12+ months.

Didicar: Toy Cars For 3 Year Olds

Girl riding Red Didicar Christmas present

Didicar is a super clever, self-propelled ride on for kids and grown-ups. Weighing just 3.8kg, it's as light as a feather and easy-peasy to lift, carry, and stash away. But don’t let its lightweight design fool you, as Didicars can handle weights of up to 120kg! Guess what that means? Mums and dads can have a go, too! 

Didicar ride ons are one of a kind. To zip around, all you need to do is steer the wheel to the left and right, and ta-da, you're cruising forward! Then flip the wheel and you can speed off backwards. Didicar's favourite playground is any smooth, hard, flat surface. Use indoors or outdoors. Available in 9 colours. Ideal for 3+ years. 

Didiscoot: Scooter For 3 Year Old

Girl riding Pink Didiscoot Christmas gift

Drive excitement on Christmas day with this snazzy 3 wheeled scooter! The Didiscoot features a futuristic lean-to-steer design and has an adjustable handlebar height (58cm, 67cm and 76cm), so it can grow with your children. Like all Didicar rides, this kids scooter is compact and featherlight, at just 2.45kg, making it a breeze to manoeuvre and carry. It also folds up, so it can be neatly stored away when playtime’s over. 

Didiscoot is your tot’s ticket to building confidence and mastering balance, with those trusty three wheels keeping them upright and steady. Available in bright pink and teal. Use indoors or outdoors. Ideal for 3+ years. 

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