The Benefits of Kids Ride On Toys

Kids love to play, so what better way to nurture their development than ride on toys? Ride on toys are any toys that can be ridden on by toddlers and kids. This includes kids ride on cars, scooters, trikes and balance bikes. They have many advantages and you can explore the benefits below!

1. Develops Mobility, Balance and Coordination

When your little one is learning to walk it’s a major milestone that requires a lot of balance and coordination. Balance is a critical skill that is great for tots’ physical development - especially preparing them for sports and other physical activities when they grow older. 

giraffe trike

Our Diditrike Balance Bikes are easy for kids to sit on and get moving. Place your little one on the seat with their hands on the handlebars then gently push them forwards. With no pedals, little riders will learn to balance on the seat, propel themselves forward with their legs, and prop themselves up with the handlebars.

2. Promotes Independence

Ride on toys help your child become independent as the toys won’t move unless your child moves them! If your little rider is unsure how to use their ride on toy, push them along on it. Soon enough, your child will learn how to use the ride on toy by themselves. This will allow kids to be independent by making their own decisions and assessing riding situations.

3. Encourages Exercise

Ride on toys are a fun way to get children exercising and out in the great outdoors. Entertaining them with a Didicar or Didiscoot is a natural way to keep kids active - exercise won’t even feel like exercise! To get their ride on toys moving, children need to use their legs to move and arms to steer, which helps build muscle strength and coordination skills. 

4. Social and Emotional Development

Kids and toddler ride on toys can nuture your child’s social and emotional development as they can bond with other children who are also on their ride ons. A fun way to learn how to take turns, interact with other children, and make new friends.

5. Improves Motor Skills

Children develop their motor and fine motor skills when riding by using their legs and arms to push, pull, pedal, kick and wiggle along. Kids will soon learn how to control their body movements to get moving.

6. Teaches Rules and Instructions

didicar ride on

Before riding, children will learn how to use the ride on toys from their parents. Parents can also set instructions and ground rules such as where to go and not go; it’s also a great opportunity to teach youngsters about road safety. Overall, kids will shortly learn how to follow rules and understand instructions. 

7. Inspires Creativity

Playing with ride on toys can spark children’s imaginations as they conjure up their own role-play scenarios. They can pretend their Didicar is a real-life car or they can scoot off into a magical faraway land. This helps them to prepare and deal with real-life scenarios. Don’t forget that you can accessorise and transform your Didicar with our sticker packs

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