What Are The Health Benefits Of Kids Scooters?

Scoot, scoot! Whizzing around on a two or three-wheeled wonder has an array of health benefits. So, if you’re still thinking about buying a scooter, explore the benefits of scooters for kids and why your child needs one.

1. Balance & Coordination

Developing a sense of balance is a core component of child development, which is why kids scooters are great ride on toys. Scooting requires youngsters to stand upright and balance on one leg whilst using the other to propel themselves forward. 

The lean-to-steer design of our Didiscoot 3 wheel scooter for kids encourages coordination and balance. Body weight is moved to the left or right to steer the scooter in the required direction.

2. Motor Skills

Little riders develop their motor skills as they learn to use their feet to balance and scoot; one foot kicks to get moving while the other balances. They also use their hands on the handlebar to balance the scooter. Mastering gross and fine motor skills allow kids to be more independent with everyday life tasks, too.

3. Muscle Development

Core muscle strength is needed in order for youngsters to balance and stay upright. Each time they scoot, children develop their muscles - when they push off from a dead stop their ankles, calves, hamstrings and glutes are engaged the faster they move, for example. Our Didiscooters have no pedals or batteries so really are kid-powered!

4. Heart Endurance

The heart is a muscle that grows stronger the more it is used. As kids scoot faster and faster, their hearts need to pump more blood around. As they’re having so much fun, it won’t even feel like exercise.

5. Decision Making

Riding scooters requires critical thinking and decision-making skills; little ones have to make choices on the spot such as when to stop, when to slow down, when to turn, and how to lean to steer without tipping over. 

6. Social Skills

Once children have mastered the knack of using their scooter, they can zoom about with their other scooter-mad pals. Scootering can boost kids’ happiness as they form long-lasting friendships with like-minded peers. 

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pink kids scooter

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Do you have any more benefits of scooters for kids you’d like to share? Let us know!

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