Is My Toddler Ready For A Ride On Toy?

Toddler ride on toys give youngsters a sense of freedom and independence! They are an easy way to promote active play and can support children’s growth and development by enhancing their mobility, balance, coordination, social skills and more. But how do you know if your kiddo is ready for one? To help you decide, we have shared some insights on age recommendations and developmental milestones to look out for before you buy.

Boys riding Diditrike kids trikes 

When Can Toddlers Use Ride On Toys?

Some kids ride on toys are suitable for littlens as young as 12 months old, but these age markers are more of a guide than a strict specification as all children develop at their own pace. Some babies can walk by nine months, while others might not take their first steps until they’re nearing their 2nd birthday, so it all depends on the stage of your tot’s development.

Girl riding a yellow Didicar ride on toy 

Tick off these three developmental milestones and your toddler should be ready for their first set of wheels!

  1. They can pull themselves up
  2. They can stand on their own
  3. They can take a few steps

Ride On Toys For 1 Year Old & Up

For early walkers, you’ll want to look for a kiddie ride on that’s low to the ground so their little legs aren’t floating mid-air. Keeping things simple is another consideration. At this young age, you don’t need to overcomplicate things with features like pedals, gears or a battery-powered motor. Instead, go for a pedal-free ride on that is powered by the push of your toddler’s tiny toes! 

Young toddler on the Diditrike kids ride on toy

The Diditrike is a best-selling kids trike suitable for 12+ months. Powered by littlens, these lightweight toddler trikes are pedal, battery, gear and chain-free, and come in four charming animal designs: Giraffe, Zebra, Crocodile, and Ladybird. The seat height is 24cm tall and it can take weights of up to 20kg. 

Ride On Toys For 3 Year Olds & Up

When your mini motorhead is ready to take their driving to the next level, a ride on car is the ideal step up. Ideal for 3+ year olds, Didicars have a unique design that littlens love. Just turn the steering wheel to get moving or flip it 180° to go backwards!

Girl riding a red Didicar ride on toy 

Like the Diditrike, these four-wheeled ride on toy cars have no batteries, pedals, motors, chains or gears. They’re also built with two small safety wheels at the front to stop the car from tipping forward when being ridden. Didicars come in nine colours, so tots can pick their favourite. And the best bit? They can take weights of up to 120kg, so grown-ups can have a go, too! 

Ride On Toys For 3-5 Year Olds

Between the ages of three and five years old, kids’ gross motor skills and coordination will be better established, so they should be ready to try a scooter. A Didiscoot is a great next step as they are designed with three wheels to support children's balance and stability as they move from a sit-down toddler ride on to a stand-up one.

Girl riding a pink Didiscoot kids scooter

The Didiscoot features an adjustable handlebar height (58cm, 67cm and 76cm), so it can grow with your child, and it’s lightweight at just 2.45kg - making it easier for Mum or Dad to carry when littlen’s legs get tired of scooting about. Available in pink or blue. Suitable for 3+ years. 

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